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Henry Connolly Builder Ltd, Ardnacrusha, Co. Clare.

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We undertook an extensive refurbishment/upgrade project on the property of Ash Hill Towers.

Ash Hill Towers

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Ash Hill Towers is a large Georgian guest house set in a working horse farm, which looks out onto an 18 stable stone yard - breeding thoroughbreed racehorses, keeping livery horses of all kinds and producing cattle and sheep.

(c. 1780).

Background of Property

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Brief Project Description

For more info on the intriguing history of this property, you can visit the website for Ash Hill Guesthouse here

The contract works consists of the following:

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The team working on the Ash Hill Towers Contract  comprises of the following:

The Contract Team

Ash Hill Towers is a Grade 2 protected structure of national importance and so only the highest quality of workmanship can be appied. We were absolutely thrilled to receive this contract and have the opportunity to work on a project that is so steeped in history.

Henry Connolly (Builder) Ltd,

Pat Molloys Quantity Surveyors and Brian Grubb Architect.

  • Installation of new concrete floors with thermal installation and radon barriers incorporated.

  • Demolishing and alterations of internally structure.

  • The upgrade of both external windows and doors and the upgrade of the doors internally.

  • A new bespoke staircase is to be installed.

  • Removal of existing cement and sand render and drylining of walls and replacing with traditional lime mortar plaster.

  • Installation of a new underfloor heating and new boiler system.

  • Painting of ceilings and walls with traditional paints

  • Electrical installation - including fire and burglar alarm systems.

  • Installation of Commercial standard kitchen for Guest house - including tiled wall and floor finishes

  • Installation of invalid friendly toilet facilities.

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