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Henry Connolly (Builder) Ltd,

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Co. Clare.


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Henry Connolly Builder Ltd, Ardnacrusha, Co. Clare.

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We were delighted to be awarded the contract from Limerick Regeneration of renovating the old Bandstand in the People’s Park in Limerick City.

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Henry Connolly (Builder) Ltd, Roo West, Ardnacrusha, Co. Clare.                                                                                                                                Company Reg No: 74369 / VAT No: 4557125N

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Lough Gur is one of Ireland’s archaeological and historical gems.The beautiful and enchanted lake lies 21 km south east of Limerick city. Lough Gur is at the centre of a remarkable archaeological landscape featuring a complex of sites that represent every major period of human history in Ireland. Physical evidence of occupation from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Early Christian, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern eras has been found in the immediate vicinity.



The configuration of the building is outlined in the architectural report and plans compiled by Conor Hourigan of Hourigan & Drake Architects  on behalf of the Association for Limerick County Council.


It is sufficient to remark here that the interior space consists of two thatched structures connected by a flat-roofed link building. The smaller, round-shaped structure currently functions as a shop and admissions desk, and contains toilet facilities. The larger, elliptical-shaped, structure is accessed via the link building by a steep flight of steps. The building is featured on the Record of Protected Structures in the Limerick County Development Plan 2010-2016 (Reg. No. 563/ Ref. No. L32(48).




The design team that worked on the contract was comprised of the following: Henry Connolly (Builder) Ltd, Hourigan & Drake Architects, Pat Molloys Quantity Surveyors, DFK Civil & Structural Engineers and Moloney Fox Consulting Environmental Engineers.

The Building

Background - Lough gur, Co. Limerick.

Henry Connolly (Builder) Ltd,

Roo West,


Co. Clare.


T: 061 340488 / F: 061 340494

Mobile: 086 2554502

e: [email protected]

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The Contract Team

lough gur

The Bandstand

The People's Park, Limerick

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Peoples Park was officially opened in 1877, it was given to the People of Limerick in honour of Richard Russell, a prominent local businessman. It was the then Earl of Limerick in the 1870s who granted a 500 year lease of Pery Square and the surrounding grounds to the corporation. The bandstand was known locally as the “Gazebo”. It was erected in 1895 and its design was accredited to William E Corbett who was the City Surveyor at that time. It played a prominent role in the social and cultural life of the city at that time.

Brief Project Description.

History of the Bandstand.

The team working on the Bandstand Restoration Contract are the following:

The Contract Team

- Henry Connolly (Builder) Ltd

- Limerick City & County Council

- Pat Molloy Quanity Surveyor

- Brian Grubb Archictect

ROOF: Repair existing roof structure, treat all new and existing timber, repaint. Provide wiring for 12No. down lights and CCTV. Re-cover roof using horizontal zinc metal sheeting to original 19th Century design. Provide welded lead flashing.

CAST IRON: Supply & reinstate cast iron drip frets to original 19th Century design. Dismantle existing cupola, repair, reinstate complete with new cast iron to original design. Repair/Replace missing eaves brackets, decoratove cast terminals and existing 1895 commerative plaque to original design.

STONEWORK: Repair existing limestone kerbs.

Form new pavement. Form ramp to pavement to provide wheelchair access. Carefully take up existing concrete floor, provide underground ducts to connect to park Dept, re-instate concrete.

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Photos prior to restoration of Bandstand.

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